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Welcome to Our College

Why St Cuthbert’s College

An outstanding education can make a difference to your daughter. We want to nurture and grow her to become an influential thinker, caring and well-rounded young lady. How do we do it? Let’s shine a light on what we offer.

Our Teachers

While it’s true we offer world class facilities and beautiful grounds, our greatest asset is our staff. A great teacher can inspire joy, ignite imagination and instil a lifelong love of learning. That’s what we’re here to do. We can’t ask our girls to deliver their personal best without delivering our own.

Personal Learning

Delivering a quality education starts with knowing each St Cuthbert’s girl individually and catering for her specific learning needs. Girls with all abilities are welcomed at St Cuthbert’s College, and we will identify the appropriate support, mentoring and encouragement for them to experience personal excellence. Learning should be fun, interactive and energising, with young women eager to learn in a globally connected world. Confidence, resilience and curiosity are the star qualities of a St Cuthbert’s girl. Spending four weeks at our remote campus Kahunui in Year 10 is a vital stepping stone in achieving this goal.

Sense of Community

Educating your daughter is a partnership between you and us. It is for this reason we see family at the heart of the St Cuthbert’s College world. Our home is your home. Belonging to our community will be a way of life for parents and students. So, one of our commitments to you is that you will always be part of the St Cuthbert’s family.