2013 Dux of the College

15 January 2014


In 2013 we had two girls receiving Dux of the College: Yuqing Wang and Jenny Cao.


Jenny is the leader of the Communications Committee, received an University of Auckland Scholarship and gained Top Academic Excellence in International Baccalaureate. Jenny received a Trust Board Scholar’s Award in both Year 11 and Year 12. She is a talented musician and received triple Cultural Honours this year. Jenny got High Distinction in the Australian Mathematics Competition and placed in the top 100 in the Eton Press Senior Mathematics Competition.


Yuqing Wang won subject prizes in chemistry, economics, physics, statistics, the NZIP Physics Prize and the Old Girls’ Association Irene Fife Prize for Geography. Yuqing also received two university scholarships: the University of Canterbury Engineering Top Scholar’s Award and the University of Canterbury International Students First Year Scholarship.



Jenny Cao



Yuqing Wang