Looking to the Future

Many of the education systems issues being discussed in the media are deeply rooted in our nation’s educational past: industrial education systems, rote learning, teacher-centred instruction and outdated assessment models. As a College, we must ensure our teachers are prepared and supported to meet the changing needs of our students. In Learning Transformed, 8 Keys to Designing Tomorrow’s Schools, authors Eric C. Sheninger and Thomas C. Murray said that successful strategies for future learning environments have three key characteristics: interactive learning, the use of technology to explore and create, and the right blend of teachers and technology. 

Apple Distinguished School

St Cuthbert’s was accepted into the Apple Distinguished School program for 2017-2018 in recognition of our standing as a leading school in innovative approaches to education and integration of learning technologies.

Apple Distinguished Schools are centres of leadership and educational excellence that share Apple’s vision for learning with technology. They are some of the most innovative schools in the world. The Apple Distinguished School designation is reserved for programs that meet criteria for innovation, leadership, and educational excellence, and demonstrate a clear vision of exemplary learning environments.

To allow our staff to continue to build their skills and pedagogical practice, and the College to expand its good practice of multimodal and blended learning, we continue to offer staff professional learning opportunities. Staff have been given the opportunity to become an Apple Teacher by completing a series of workshops and quizzes, gaining a badge for each successfully completed course element.

To learn more about the College’s Information Learning Technology programs in the Junior and Middle School, download the iBook here or PDF here

College Information Learning Technology Program

We are looking towards a shift from portability to true mobile learning. The portable device such as a laptop requires the use of a keyboard at a table or on your lap. This creates restricted movement and limits the flexibility of learning spaces. ­­Mobility means that the learner can be reactive to learning opportunities, the devices can be taken anywhere as they are lighter and more easily handled, generally they have easy camera access, do not require you to be sitting down to use them and are better for blended learning.

For 2018, the College’s ILT program which involves every student in Years 5 to 13 working at school with a digital device, will change. Next year, Y5 students will be working on their own iPad Pros with keyboards and Apple Pencils. This exciting development will enable our girls to use technology which is more portable, adds digital inking capabilities but also retains the ability to input text via a keyboard.

Girls at any Senior level of the College are encouraged to use the device that best suits their learning needs. Many students bring a tablet to school, some may carry two devices during the day, enabling them to make a judgment about the right tool of that subject and learning objective.

Klaris Philipson, Director of Technologies and Andy Parker, Director of Information and Learning Technologies