Intellectual curiosity and blossoming individuality ramp up in these important years: the bridge from child to young adult.


A major focus for us is providing an environment and experiences which will foster a love of learning, inquisitiveness, self-confidence and resilience, and which encourage each of our girls to celebrate her own unique spark.

These are exciting years for your daughter. Through this time of change we’ll extend and develop her as we prepare her for high school education through exposure to specialist teachers in key subjects, while still offering the regular, daily support of a caring tutor teacher.

Our vision is of a student cohort that is engaged, supported and happy. When you visit the Middle School you will see:


  • girls who are positive, involved and curious
  • innovative technologies like coding, robotics and 3D printing
  • girls working with specialist teachers in French, Mandarin, Science, Music, PE and more
  • leadership skills being developed through real life experiences in our many leadership roles
  • girls learning valuable life skills alongside the academic curriculum in these important transition years
  • personal learning needs being met whether girls need to be challenged or a little extra help
  • a living school motto, By Love Serve
  • parents being welcomed as part of the College family
  • an engaging and modern learning environment


We look forward to welcoming you to our Middle School family.