Two Perfect Scores in IB!

5 January 2015


Congratulations to Catherine Zheng and Cerys Chau who both received a perfect score of 45 in IB!


The two-year IB diploma includes exams in six subjects, a 4000 word essay and a community project. Worldwide only 0.3% of students receive perfect scores and this year only four New Zealanders achieved this. The University of Sydney has offered places to both girls to study a dual degree in medicine.


The Central Leader wrote an article on Cerys and Catherine’s success – click here to read it.


Nine other St Cuthbert’s girls received scores of over 40 and along with Cerys and Catherine will be honoured at the IB Top Scholars’ Award Ceremony at Government House. These girls are: Isabelle Bigio, Billie Haddleton, Hayon Lee, Nicole Niu, Nadia Schroeder, Angel Song, Vicky Xu, Cherry Yang and Ling Zhang.


Well done girls, we are so proud of you!