A Young Artists Award Winner

2 October 2013



A painting of a personal journey with Alzheimer’s Disease has led to a major award at the prestigious Eden Arts Young Artists Awards this week.


St Cuthbert’s College student Charlotte Jackson received the Siddell Memorial Award for her painting of a woman with the illness. She submitted both the painting and the pencil drawing that features inside the painting – see these below.


Her award-winning painting is themed around Alzheimer’s, an issue close to Charlotte because the disease runs on both sides of her family. It is part of a series called ‘Personal Histories’, which all features a woman and show what she is thinking at different stages of her illness.

“I wanted to focus not on the disease itself, but on what it does to the mind and how memory loss affects people,” she says.


The painting features a collage of pictures of Charlotte’s family constrasted with new imagery. Objects within the painting are distorted and unrealistic to represent the woman “being in her own little world”.


“The woman is looking down on memories of her life and trying to remember. She’s looking at things that used to be vivid memories and now she doesn’t know when they occurred.”


Charlotte decided to enter the competition because she’d never exhibited her work to the public and wanted to see how it would be received. She is currently studying for NCEA Level 3 and Scholarship and hopes to study fine arts at university next year.


The Siddell Memorial Award honours the late Sir Peter and Lady Sylvia who were Mt Eden artists. Their daughters Emily and Avril Siddell presented the award to Charlotte.