Acknowledging St Cuthbert’s Scholars

5 May 2016


On April 11 we hosted our annual Scholars Assembly to congratulate our highest achievers in the College across Year 11-13.


It was a wonderful way to mark our girls’ hard work and dedication and the results that have manifested from this.


Our girls were lucky to have Trust Board member, Dr Nina Hood, as their guest speaker and enjoyed hearing about the journey she has taken to success.


Congratulations to our 2015 Scholars Award recipients!


2015 Year 11 Scholars’ Awards Scholars’ Badge
Five or more courses endorsed with Excellence
Five subjects
Tea Aleksich
Aida Chen
Lily Eagles-Nielsen
Ekta Gangakhedkar
Georgia Hamlin
Xiaoya He
Bernice Kong
Eva Newell
Ava Peters
Francesca Qu
Cherry Shiu
Amy Song
Emma Welsh
Six subjects
Noor Al-Shamma
Sarah Averill
Olivia Cen
Hannah Cross
Anna Elisara
Sunny Hua
Grace Kenny
Serena Li
Hayley Matthews
Nicole Meech
Sena Ogawa-Bracey
Francesca Orchard-Hall
Monique Pitt
Laura Schnauer
Alexandra Simpson
Stacey Tian
Sophia Wang
Sophie Wood
Olivia Woodfield
Charlotte Yates
Catherine Ye
Yilin Zhao
Seven subjects
Olivia Bennett
Alexandra Briscoe
Joia Che
Emily Fitzgerald
Felicity Liao
Poppy McCall
Sophia Yang
Emily-Jade Yee
Amy Zhang


2015 Year 12 Scholars’ Commendations
Certificates endorsed with Excellence for two years
Mary Allen
Greer Amos
Rochelle Austin
Sarah Baird
Sara Beetham
Elsie Brown
Lucy Caiger
Georgia Callaghan
Ailsa Connolly
Harriet Cory-Wright
Ella Currie
Georgia Danford
Claudia Ganda
Ruby Harrison
Gabriele Hawkins
Sarah Hayes
Emma Holland
Katerina Hond
Sophie Hunter
Georgina Jones
Megan Jury
Agnieske Keenan
Sehej Khurana
Cassandra Laird
Sophia Lange
Grace Lowery
Amelia Marshall
Olivia Martin
Jess-Veronica McDougall
Analeah Petaia
Minerva Peters
Riddhika Ram
Anna Roberts
Georgia Robertshaw
Olivia Salmon
Amalia Schroeder
Isabelle Stewart
Sarah Tomlins
Molly Walters
Hanna White
Amalia Wickstead
Pieter Wilkinson
Xin Xue Zhang
Honorary Scholars’ Commendation
For students new to St Cuthbert’s College who achieved the requirements at their previous school
Zhou-Ai Wang


2015 Year 12 Scholars’ Awards
Five or more courses endorsed with Excellence
Five subjects
Grace Cameron
Scholars’ Badge & Commendation
Five or more courses endorsed with Excellence
Five subjects
Ella Bryning
Veronica Gregan
Devon Lowyim
Ruoqing Wang
Madeline Wilson
Six subjects
Alexandra Fowler
Significant Scholars’ Badge & Commendation
Five or more courses endorsed with Excellence for two or more years.
Gargi Bansal
Anna Blair
Holly Butt
Min-Yao Chen
Rosa Clark
Georgia Clarke
Stella Clifford
Jienwern Cook
Georgia Couper
Tiffany Goh
Eleanor Herbert
Jenny Jiang
Hee Soo Ko
Yi Hsuan Lee
Sonia Lin
Lirou Luo
Maria McCoy
Samantha Moriarty
Elizabeth New
Vivian Qiu
Dasha Shieff
Georgina Svensen
Melissa Wang
Keyi Yin
Antonia Young


2015 Year 13 Scholars’
Certificates endorsed with Excellence for two or more consecutive years
Two years
Nishakarn Ambhanwong
Isobel Loseby
Sophia Stokes
Annabel Yu
Three years
Georgia Arnold
Hannah Atkinson
Madeleine Beagley
Myfanwy Burnton-Christensen
Kirsty Cameron
Mallory Christie
McKenzie Collins
Sarah Cronin
Grace Cullinane
Kayla Fairbairn
Noella Farrell
Jane Fenton
Rose Fitzgerald
Charlotte Hardie Boys
Holly Hender
Michaela Hing
Lisa Huang
Charlotte Hunter
Kitty Ji
Ellen Jose
Madeleine Judd
Amelia Kendall
Hannah King
Helen Lee
Moi Moi Lowe
Millie Macdonald
Cristina McDougall
Madison Merton
Sheharazade Mihlar
Mackenzie Morrison
Lily Quin
Amber Schnauer
Jaime Scott
Rosa Shand
Natalie Spratt
Ying Sun
Juliet Sutherland
Danielle Taylor
Stephanie Walker
Sonia Wang
Holly White
3 years
Wallis Wragge
Crystal Wu
Georgia Zacest
Sophie Zhang
Jessica Zhou


2015 Year 13 Scholars’ Awards
Five or more courses endorsed with Excellence
Hee Jeong Ko
Cindy Lin
Zoe Lin
Alexandra McClintock
Sophia Odlin
Significant Scholars’ Badge & Commendation
Five or more courses endorsed with Excellence for two or more years
Emily Ball
Ella Brownlie
Yi Ran Chen
Soo Kyung Choi
Kate Cross
Neha Kasture
Victoria Lowe
Gabrielle Maffey
Anna Nementzik
Xilin Peng
Sophie Rees
Xiwan Wei