In the St Cuthbert’s boarding community we assist our students to develop skills that will stand them in good stead throughout their lives. We help each girl develop an understanding of other cultures, respect for others, sound moral values and leadership skills. We seek to work alongside each family in friendship so that our students mature into self-sufficient young women who have strong self-esteem.

There are many advantages to boarding at St Cuthbert’s College including the strong sense of community, firm friendships that are formed and wonderful support Boarders extend to one another in times of need. Our community offers a warm welcome to all who enter.

As our Boarding Houses are located within the College campus, Boarders have easy access to all the College’s wonderful facilities.

When students move into our boarding community they are placed in a “Boarding Family” which consists of a vertical family group of six or seven students in different years. Girls in these families will stay together during their time at the College, allowing them to form strong bonds and use their own experiences to assist younger members of the family as they progress through the College.

As part of our buddy system new Boarders will be buddied with the Year 13 student from her family group. Families sit together at mealtimes once a week and plan at least one activity per term to do together. The vertical family grouping ensures discussion between girls of various year levels and houses.

Belonging to “my other family” promotes a shared sense of community and acceptance. It builds Boarders self-esteem and promotes support, encouragement and affirmation for one another.

Boarders not only come from both urban and rural New Zealand, but Asia, the Pacific Islands and a range of other overseas locations. Our aim for international students is to ensure they thrive in our boarding community. Our induction programme for international Boarders gives students the chance to build relationships between students and staff, develop understanding of the boarding environment and procedures, and orientate international students into New Zealand culture.