International Students


Each year St Cuthbert’s College welcomes international students from across the globe and they thrive in our College community. They are involved in the wide variety of co-curricular activities the College offers and achieve great academic results.


We believe that at St Cuthbert’s College our international students have much to offer by enriching our culture and our boarding school life.


The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) website explains the New Zealand qualifications framework, the quality assurance in choosing a New Zealand education and provides information about choosing a school and coming to New Zealand.  Please click here to visit their website.


International Student Fees:

GST Inclusive
Quarterly Annual
Reception – Year 3 $9,084 $36,336
Year 4 – Year 6 $9,390 $37,560
Year 7 – Year 13 $10,772 $43,088
Kahunui (Year 10) $1,666
Boarding $3,795 $15,180


All fees are GST inclusive.

In addition please allow approximately $5,000 to cover uniform, laptop, insurance and other incidental expenses.


International Boarding Students

Boarders come from Asia, the Pacific Islands and a range of other overseas locations, as well as from both urban and rural New Zealand. Our aim is to develop a system to ensure that international students thrive in our boarding community.


Both inside and outside the classroom we consider it to be of prime importance to raise the awareness of the academic, cultural and linguistic differences faced by our overseas students.


Our orientation programme for international Boarders runs at the beginning of the year before school starts and has five main aims:


  • To offer students the opportunity to begin relationship building with others in a similar situation
  • To develop an understanding of the boarding environment and procedures
  • To enable staff and students to get to know one another through participation in both structured and informal situations
  • To gain knowledge of the background (cultural, family, academic) of the international students in our care
  • To orientate the international students into the New Zealand culture


This also helps our new international Boarders deal with issues such as climate, dress, food, homesickness, language, study methods and religion.