Centenary Music and Video Released

10 November 2014


After the launch of our Centennial Centre for Wellbeing in September, we have been busy editing a reel of highlights for the St Cuthbert’s community to enjoy. See below for a video capturing the top moments from the first event of our Centenary Celebrations.



Music teachers, Mr Stewart Allan and Miss Amelia Giles, have also lent their skills to the celebration, composing a special musical theme and blessing.


Centennial Blessing – Composed by Miss Amelia Giles

This short choral piece is an adapted setting of “The Prayer of St Cuthbert” which is part of every St Cuthbert’s Day Service and therefore an appropriate text to use for the College Centenary celebrations. The title “Centennial Blessing” refers to the piece’s function as a prayer for a gathered community before they depart into their everyday lives. It also highlights the College’s century-long legacy of shepherding, teaching and shaping outstanding young women, which is in itself a blessing for all in the current College community.


Listen here: Centennial Blessing.


Centennial Theme – Composed by Mr Stewart Allan

The Centennial Theme opens with the calls of the mythological Sirens who, according to legend, used their enchanting voices to entice sailors to shipwreck themselves on the rocks. From the placid Siren song emerges the stately main theme, heard in the cello. Beginning as a singular voice, it implores all other instruments to share its wonderful vision of power through unity. Calm is restored briefly as the music builds towards the final crescendo with the return of the main theme in its full glory. Each note joyfully standing on the shoulders of the next, an analogy for the myriad of passionate and dedicated people who have contributed to the growth and success of the College throughout the past 100 years.


Listen here: Centennial Theme.