2 November 2017


At the end of term 3, nine of our Year 12 Chemistry students met the very high standard for entry into the Chemistry Olympiad training programme – open to the best 100 students nationwide.

Gold Certificates are awarded to students above the 90th percentile, Silver to students in the next 20% and Bronze to the next 30%.

Huge congratulations to: Gold Certificates students Raewyn Huang and Annie Sun.

Silver Certificates students Naushiha Aravinthan, Sophia Yi and Sophie Wang.

Bronze Certificates students Zelda Sims, Olivia Donaldson, Joy Tong and Chen Lian Ji.

They will do more additional training and tutorials with Mr Ian Torrie and will take another exam in March.  Thirty students will then be selected for the week-long, live-in training camp in the April holidays. Finally, four students will form a national team to compete in the International Chemistry Olympiad in Slovakia in Europe in July 2018.