College Survey

27 February 2015


Every College family and all Year 12 and 13 students should have received emails from TNSGlobal who are running the 2015 College survey inviting you to participate and giving you a link to the survey. The survey results are of very real significance in helping the Board to set the strategic direction of the College and we really value the fact that people care about the College enough to give us regular feedback on current initiatives and perspectives on future projects.


The close-off date for the survey is Sunday March 1. We are very keen to have as many responses as possible; all completed responses will go into the draw for a prize of a term’s fees.


The results of the survey will form the basis of the Board seminar in March and will be published to the College family in the April edition of College Ties.


The last fortnight has been a very positive and happy one across all four campuses; the 1915 Picnic Day has generated thousands of photos and lots of happy experiences, the first ever Swimming Sports in the new Centennial Centre for Wellbeing was a great success with 10 new records and was great preparation for today’s Middle School Swimming Sports and next month’s Year 3 – 6 event, while spirits at the Senior School Athletics were not dampened by a little rain. At all events it was clear that House spirit was closely linked to vocal power!