Congratulations Mr Torrie!

29 October 2014


Our Head of Chemistry, Mr Ian Torrie, is just one of five New Zealand teachers to receive an ASG National Excellence in Teaching Award!


As Head of Chemistry, Ian is responsible for an explosion in the number of students choosing to take the subject. Almost half of Year 12 and 13 girls study chemistry, making it in the top three subject choices at the College. Nationally the participation rate is around 20%.


Under Ian’s guidance the College’s average NCEA Chemistry results have climbed steadily and are typically at least 50% higher than the national average, showing the strength of his teaching and leadership in the Chemistry department.


He is known to arrive at school at 7am to run student tutorials and also shares his expertise with more than 500 Chemistry teachers nationwide in an email newsletter that provides information, resources and industry discussion.


Check out media coverage of Mr Torrie’s award from the New Zealand Herald and TV3.