St Cuthbert’s Weekend

28 March 2014

We always seem to be incredibly lucky with the weather over St Cuthbert’s weekend and this year was no exception. It was fantastic to see so many students and their families, Old Girls attending their reunion and scores of prospective families at Open Day. The universal  feedback  was that the girls were wonderful advocates for their school, their teachers and the opportunities their families have given them here.. Thank you also to the many families who forwarded information about the Open Day to friends and family; word of mouth is the most powerful way of communicating with people considering choices for their daughters. It has the added benefit of meaning we are not reliant on extensive, and expensive, advertising campaigns.


Changes in the Business Team
After  12 years at the College, Mrs Kathryn Yule has resigned from her role as Business Manager as she and her family have moved to Tauranga; fortunately, we have been able to retain her expertise with building projects as Kathryn will take on a contract role as Project Director for the Centennial Centre, which is due for completion in July, so we will continue to see her in a high vis vest and with a hard hat on for a few months yet.

We have appointed Ms Angela Sinclair as the new Business Manager and she will take up the role next week. Angela is a chartered accountant and has worked in a range of industries, most recently in the health sector.


Boarding Prefects at today's special lunch

Boarding Prefects at today’s special lunch