From the Principal

14 April 2014

Sometimes I think that you as parents must wonder what on earth goes on in assemblies from the stories the girls bring home of rapping teachers, Grammar boys, High School Musicals and lolly scrambles. We think assemblies are a key part of being part of St Cuthbert’s. We see it as our community time, a time and place where we can share in worship and in the exploration of faith, we can share experiences, work out how we continue to make this a happy, purposeful place, and give the girls lots of chances, as they say “to walk across the stage” while their peers recognise and celebrate their achievements.


Every week students, staff and often parents, join together for assemblies, all different kinds of assemblies. Each school holds its own assembly as do the Houses. Every fortnight, we have a College assembly, which is my chance to have girls from across the College together in Clouston Hall. With 1400 students, we can’t fit everyone into the  Hall so we have a roster to ensure everyone gets to attend over the year. Every College assembly has year levels from all three schools. On Monday 7 April the College assembly was attended by Years 5-6 from the Junior School, all of the Middle School and all of the Senior School, except Year 10 who were having a special presentation in the Joan Holland Auditorium.

The reading, prayer and the hymn (one of the girls’ favourites – The Servant Song ) – and Year 13 students Isla Foote and Rebecca Calderon gave the reading and prayer, both focused on the injunction to love our neighbours as ourselves.

Then it was Year 6s turn to give us all an insight into their trip to Wellington – a fantastic powerpoint showed us images of them at Te Papa and at Parliament, on buses and planes and the cable car and a couple of photos of the parent helpers having fun entertaining the girls at their concert. A group of Year 6 girls spoke to the assembly on different aspects of the trip; it was fantastic to see the Year 6s speaking so confidently to such a big audience and to see the warm reception they got from the older girls.

The assembly ended with the much awaited draw of the winning ticket in the Boarders’ Easter raffle; the gargantuan basket of goodies was, everyone was happy to learn, won by a Year 4 student  as often the winning ticket has been bought by a visitor to the College on Open Day. The Boarders use the funds to buy something for each of the three Houses to enjoy using in their weekends; last year the girls bought lots of equipment for baking, a favourite weekend activity.

Alisa Rao wins the Easter Raffle

Alisa Rao wins the Boarders’ Easter raffle