The 2013 College Survey

29 August 2013



Many families took the time to complete the 2013 College survey and the survey company TNSWorldwide has now fully processed the data. The results will be presented to the Trust Board at its annual strategy seminar at Kahunui beginning tomorrow; the results will be of real significance in both assessing the impact of key strategic changes such as the creation of the three school model and the enhancement of pastoral care through the extended Houses model, and in developing the next iteration of the strategic plan. College  Ties will be in letter boxes next week  and will contain a full breakdown of results from the survey.


Next year’s subject choices demonstrate is the clear link between survey feedback and strategy development;  the curriculum choices and decisions came from the 2010 survey, extensive research and the subsequent curriculum strategy. In 2014 we will offer Mandarin as a language option at Year 7 and at Year 12 as an IB an initio (from the beginning) option, while Dance becomes a Year 11 option and a Year 12 Mathematics with Calculus option becomes available. At Year 7 science becomes a specialist subject, while in the Junior School we will have a new approach to the teaching of drama as a subject and further refinement of the additional Literacy and Numeracy support.


We listen very carefully to your feedback through surveys and focus groups and we are very appreciative of the time you took with this year’s survey.