Our New College App

13 September 2013

Communicating with you as parents in the quickest, most effective way is an important  goal for us and with the launch yesterday of the new College app we hope that we have taken a big step towards meeting that goal.

The app brings together lots of pieces of information that you need as parents to support your daughter and to help you with daily life in a busy family, with calendars, notices, staff contacts and the like all in one quick reference place.

These are all real benefits, but the app has one additional very significant role. It  gives us a very immediate and accessible way to update you if something unexpected happens – from buses returning from camp being delayed to  the College having to close because of a burst water main to major emergencies (hopefully very rare!) such as a fire. We would love it if everyone downloaded the app, as it we want to use it as much as possible for all updates, and in an emergency it will be a really valuable communication tool.

Push notifications will appear on your IOS or android phone to let you know about new information and you can choose,  through Settings/Subscriptions,  what areas of the College you want to receive notifications for. While the new website will continue to be updated, we hope that the app will be a more convenient and immediate resource for parents.


We have trialled it with staff and through the Parents and Friends’ and the liaison class co-ordinators; this has helped identify some bugs which have been dealt to. Should others eventuate or if there are refinements you would like to suggest please email our ILT Team at helpdesk@stcuthberts.school.nz.