Welcome Back

29 January 2014

I hope that you and your family have had a refreshing break over the Christmas, New Year and holiday period and that you have had lots of opportunities to enjoy the summer.


When I returned to work last week, there was lots of good news about things happening for the girls and around the College. The NCEA and IB results (see further details below) made for very positive reading, as did the list of university scholarship offers and the news of recent Old Girls from the graduating classes of 2012 and 2013  getting a very satisfying number of places in limited entry courses such as engineering, architecture, medicine, law and the like, as well as students gaining places at international universities. I look forward to getting further news of student achievements over the holiday period.


There was good news too on the construction front with work on the Centennial  Centre progressing very well. Project manager Mr Ian Southen took me on an inspection of progress yesterday and I was very impressed by the progress on all aspects of the building. Maintenance work on painting, roading and the like has been undertaken, with the ongoing challenge of doing such work while the Collegiate Centre runs conferences and facilities rentals at the same time.


Day One, Term One


It is always a great feeling to welcome students and their families  to the College for the new year. The first day of term for students will be Tuesday, 4 February; families should have details of the programme for each level, but if yours has been mislaid, please check the College app or website or contact Reception and we will ensure that you are sent a copy of the programme for your daughter’s year level. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions either before or after Tuesday 4 February.


The orientation programme for new students and for students moving into the three schools   begins immediately and the  girls tell us  find the orientation activities in  the first few weeks of Term 1 both fun and very useful in helping  them settle happily into College life. We all work with the girls to ensure that the transition between schools, and year levels, is as positive as possible for all students. As parents please know that we encourage you   to contact teaching and guidance staff if there are any concerns or questions you  or your daughters might have.


Day One Welcome to new (and returning) parents

After you have dropped your daughter off on Tuesday the St Cuthbert’s College Parents and Friends’ Association and the Asian Friendship Group would like to invite you for tea or coffee in the Atrium from 8.15am, so that you can meet other parents in your daughter’s year group, as well as  some of the Parents and Friends’ class co-ordinators, Asian Friendship Group representatives and College staff who aren’t involved at the time  with welcoming  your daughters.


This is the first of the many events  the Parents and Friends’ Association will run over the course of 2014 to welcome you and to help you make contact with other parents,  to  establish friendships and enjoy the other dimensions of College life. Details of these events are in this newsletter and the College calendar.



Examination Results 2013

The girls are to be congratulated on some fine results from both the IB and  the NCEA examinations. It is very satisfying to see the consistently high certificate pass rates and the consistently high percentage of students with endorsements at excellence level. The results at Y11 were exceptionally good, with three quarters  of the cohort having their certificate endorsed with excellence. This is the best result we have ever had at this level.


Year 11

97.8% of students gained a Level 1 Certificate

96.7% of students achieved certificates endorsed at either Excellence or Merit level, 74.9% endorsed at Excellence



Year 12

– 97.4% of students gained a Level 2 Certificate

– 87.1% of students achieved certificates endorsed at either Excellence or Merit Level , 56.9% endorsed at Excellence



Year 13

– 97.1% of students gained a Level 3 Certificate

– 86.2% of students achieved certificates endorsed at either Excellence or Merit Level , 40.6% endorsed at Excellence

– 97.8% of students received University Entrance





– 100% of IB students gained their diploma

– 3 IB top scholars received perfect scores of 45 (only  8 in NZ, 24 in Australia and 221 in the world)

14 girls gained 40+ results

– Average IB score of 38 (international average 30)






Head Girl, Prefects and Boarding Leaders 2014


Congratulations to Y13 students who gained leadership positions in the first round of elections. House Captains and Committee Leaders’ elections will be held in the  next fortnight.



Head GirlNadia Schroeder


Deputy Head Girls – Lily Leishman, Isabella MacDiarmid, Natassia Peters 


Head Boarder – Hannah Ross


Deputy Head Boarder – Helena Brandon

Prefects – India Batkin, Isabelle Bigio, Caitlyn Blackett, Cerys Chau, Tausala Fruean, Rebecca Holland, Zavara Leva Farquhar, Alexandra Lewis, Simone Smith, Ruby Soper, Sophie Van Waardenberg, Jade Yu, Catherine Zheng


Lily Leishman, Isabella MacDiarmid, Head Girl Nadia Schroeder and Natassia Peters

Lily Leishman, Isabella MacDiarmid, Head Girl Nadia Schroeder and Natassia Peters



We are about to head off on Y13 Leadership camp at Kahunui so we have fingers crossed for some great weather; last year we struck about the only 3 days of rain in the whole summer, so we are hoping for better luck this year, especially on solo night.