Getting Girls Into IT

10 February 2015


Our Director of Technologies, Mrs Klaris Philipson, is passionate about encouraging girls to get into IT, so she created New Zealand’s first code camp for girls, #GirlsInnov8.


Over the school holidays she hosted 32 Senior School girls at St Cuthbert’s for three days, where they learnt robotics, 3D printing, web design, coding and game design.


#GirlsInnov8 was such a success it will be held again in 2016 and #LittleGirlsInnov8 will be introduced to cater for girls in Year 1 – 6 with an interest in technology.


The Sunday Star-Times and the Central Leader both wrote articles on Mrs Philipson and #GirlsInnov8. Click here and here to read them.