#GirlsInnov8 Code Camp

8 December 2014


St Cuthbert’s is proud to announce New Zealand’s first girls-only residential code camp!


#GirlsInnov8 will be held at the College in January and is open to all girls across New Zealand. This is the girst step in providing opportunities for girls to realise they are more than capable of creating with hardware and code and making digital solutions.


Girls will be given a taste of variety of new concepts, skills and approaches to problem solving using technological tools that can be taken and then applied in new ways to new contexts leading to larger ideas, new areas of interests and a confident view of their abilities in coding for a better future.


At #GirlsInnov8 girls will:


– Learn 3D modelling and printing

– Learn HTML, CSS, robotics programming, game design

– Build an app and a website


Plus women leaders in the technology industry will visit the camp and share their experiences.


For more information and to register visit www.girlsinnov8.net