It’s Personal

The Personalised Learning team embraces two arms of the College Compass: striving for excellence and developing all dimensions. We support and challenge students to achieve their personal best by realising their individual needs and potential. Our team provides learning support, enrichment opportunities, English as a second language and personal mentoring. When a student has specific needs, for example, due to underachievement or a learning difference that is impeding her progress, the College begins a process of intervention which involves multiple parties in a targeted, holistic wrap-around approach. Many of our successes go unnoticed as students quietly achieve their personal goals. Our goal for 2018 is to work closely with the Advancement team to begin to share the personal stories and successes of our extraordinary students.

We have done evidence-based inquiries over the past four years on the value of our support programmes. This was to ensure our diverse learners at St Cuthbert’s College receive best practice in their area of learning difficulty. We know that a one-size fits all approach does not work well and that the science behind cognitive remediation is still in its early stages, and is, therefore, a work in progress. We prioritise each student’s personalised interventions and include parents as an integral part of this process. We encourage parents to meet us and we discuss whether outside agencies need to be involved.

In Term 1 of 2016, the Junior School took part in the MovinCog Initiative study conducted by the Centre for Brain Research at the University of Auckland. This will be fully implemented in the Junior School in 2018 alongside the Foundation Fitness programme. We are also pleased to announce that we will doing a Diverse Learner’s Project in the Middle Years in 2018. We hope to work closely with an external research team to track the progress of students with working memory and processing speed difficulties.

Our girls have enjoyed great success with Future Problem Solving programme this year. The Senior Division team: Naushiha Aravinthan, Mikaela Wong, Elise Bailey and Kassandra Wang, represented the College at the International Finals in Wisconsin, USA, in June 2017.  The Middle Division Team: Estella Gapes, Amber Waymouth, Grace Mora and Zoe Robinson, have qualified for the 2018 International finals. Future Problem Solving is a year-long programme where teams of students, learn and apply a six-step problem-solving process. This gives them tools to tackle complex social and scientific problems. In total, 400 teams compete for 39 places at the national finals and then for eight places at the international finals. Students are selected in Year 7 but can join the programme in Years 9 and 10. Thanks to Jan Walls, Erin Johnston and Susannah Marshall, the dedicated coaches that work with these students to enable them to achieve these extraordinary results.

The Personalised Learning team remains confident about its approach to diverse learners and we are constantly upskilling ourselves to ensure that your daughters receive research-based effective interventions.

Angela Bell, Director of Personalised Learning