Student Support


See how the pastoral support network at St Cuthbert’s assists our girls in reaching their best.


School years are ones filled with learning and change; these are exciting times but ones that can sometimes be daunting to navigate for both girls and parents. The St Cuthbert’s pastoral support network offers a little extra reinforcement at the times it matters most.


Pastoral support is an important component of the College philosophy and it starts with those who interact with our girls on a daily basis, their classroom teachers and Deans. These key contacts, alongside parents, are best placed ensure students are happy in both their classroom learning and friendships in the Junior School.


Supporting teachers and Deans are the College Chaplain, guidance counsellors and staff in the Personalised Learning Centre.


Pastoral care also means helping your daughter to settle into life in the Junior School when she first starts. New students are paired up with a buddy to show them the ropes, help them to settle into routines and meet and form supportive friendships with existing students.


We promote students having a strong mind in a healthy body and strive to ensure all girls have high self-esteem, positive self-image, confidence and resilience.


In the Junior School we encourage students to understand the importance of asking for help. All girls know that their issues, however big or small, are important to the College and that we will provide a positive, caring environment to address them.


We encourage parents to contact the College with any concerns they have about their daughter, our doors are always open and we are ready to listen.


For an overview of pastoral support throughout the entire College please download the brochure on the right.