Year 4 – 6


From Year 4 girls step up into the next phase of their learning journey. With a strong foundation in English and Mathematics girls are ready for greater challenges and specialisation exploring their interests.


The Stretch programme is specifically designed to meet the needs of Year 4 – 6 learners. Recognising the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and the Arts girls choose one subject in each of these areas for in-depth study within a multi-levelled group. This is in addition to their classroom specialist studies in these areas. A student can choose from things as diverse as modern dance and robotics, water colour painting and movie making, or Mathex problem solving and debating.


With the greater age of the girls there is a greater range of leadership opportunities and experiences, such as the Year 4 -6 Student Council and more demanding camps and day trips; every girl in Year 6 has service and leadership roles within in the Junior School.