Beyond the Classroom


Experiential learning is a proven way of encouraging young people to develop resilience, independence and teamwork. At St Cuthbert’s we believe the teachings of experience are just as important as lessons learned inside the classroom.

For our Middle School girls learning outside the classroom encompasses two high points – the Year 7 and Year 8 camps. These camps are a chance for girls to forge deeper bonds, test their mettle with challenging activities like abseiling and kayaking, and recognise their strengths and ability to persevere. It is during these camps that our girls begin developing skills they will put into practice when they visit our remote Kahunui campus in Year 10.

There are also a number of day trips taken throughout the year, designed to build a deeper knowledge and understanding of topics studied in the classroom. These include visits to Mangere Mountain, the War Memorial Museum, Auckland Zoo and others related to specific topics of inquiry, which are chosen with student input each year.

Middle School students relish the opportunity to join our Kapa Haka group, which performs regularly at the Eden Albert Festival and enjoys an annual exchange with King’s School. Year 7 students explore Maori culture more deeply with a day spent at Orakei Marae each year, where they share a hangi with students from Orakei Primary School.