Digital Learning


Digital technology is integrated into everyday life and we recognise the importance of our students not only being able to interact with it, but also understand the building blocks used to create it.

In the Middle School students are guided by specialist teachers in all areas of digital learning – programming, robotics and digital image and multimedia authoring – as well as being taught safe internet practices from the outset through our Digital Citizenship programme.

We believe digital literacy is essential to prepare students for a future which is largely unknown and the use of digital devices in the classroom helps to develop core digital literacy in our girls.

St Cuthbert’s College is a wireless campus and each girl has her own digital device, which means that she will be able to access our fully integrated ILT resources for use in all curriculum areas. All students have continuous access to our intranet, a powerful interactive learning platform where they can pick up and submit assignments, complete homework and ask questions related to their learning.