Experiential Learning


Experiential learning is a proven way of encouraging young people to develop resilience, independence and teamwork. At St Cuthbert’s College we believe that this is just as important as the lessons learned inside the classroom. It aims to strengthen personal, community and social values and help prepare our exceptional young women to learn, grow and succeed in all spheres of life.

In the Middle School years experiential learning takes the form of two camps – one in each year.


Year 7 Camp


In Year 7 Physical Education we provide an environment where we achieve a successful and happy integration of our students.

The range of academic, sporting and cultural experiences they have ensures that every student can maximise their potential. The highlight of this year is the camp, which entails spending a weekend on Motutapu Island, with plenty of outdoor challenges to look forward to.

Students take part in challenges ranging from high ropes and abseiling to sailing and kayaking.The tasks students take part in throughout the year help to build resilience, self-responsibility and perseverance.


Year 8 Camp


The Year 8 camp is a great chance for students to spend time to get to know each other outside the classroom while challenging themselves in a fun and safe environment.

The five day camp is in Matamata during March and is located in a bush, river and farm setting. Activities include kayaking, mountain-biking, rock-climbing and abseiling among others. Students spend one night in a tent and prepare their own food over fires which they have built.