Course Outline

The English course is integrated with Social Science and Health. It develops high levels of literacy based on the two strands of listening reading and viewing, and speaking, writing and presenting. Learning and teaching will be responsive to individual needs, and designed to allow for enjoyable engagement with all aspects and varieties of the language.

During the course students build on the Year 7 course and will gain an increased understanding of:

  • Purposes and audiences
  • Text structures
  • Ideas within across and beyond texts
  • How language features are used for effect within and across texts
  • How to communicate ideas on a range of topics.

During the course students:

  • Develop an understanding of the grammar and conventions of English
  • Continue to respond critically to, and to think critically about, the conventions of a range of texts
  • Explore language through the writing and reading of poetic and transactional texts
  • Develop a love of reading and become proficient users of a broad range of information resources.


  • Internal assessment
  • Standardised tests

Recommended Prior Achievement Level