Course Outline

Science continues to develop each student’s knowledge and understanding of scientific concepts and principles. Students are given learning experiences that develop scientific attitudes and investigative skills that are necessary for them to understand their everyday world.

Students explore the following contexts for learning:

  • What is science – an introduction
  • Harry Potter and the magic of chemistry – looking at the particle nature of matter, physical and chemical change
  • Practical investigations – including how to plan, record and report using the appropriate skills
  • Sound and hearing – including the nature of sound waves and their transmission
  • Discovering Antarctica – including aspects of geology, astronomy and animal adaptations
  • Flight – the forces associated with flight and variation in design to assist that flight


In addition students will be expected to complete at least one Science Badge, a wide choice of topics being available to them. Within each topic there are a range of activities from which they select and complete both at home and in class. Some students may also choose to complete a Science Fair Investigation to be submitted to the St Cuthbert’s College Science Fair. This will be done either individually or in pairs.

Recommended Prior Achievement Level