6 April 2018

Our annual school musical The Wiz, which runs until April 8, is a smash hit.

Our four friends: Dorothy, the Tin Man, Lion, Scarecrow, are off down the yellow brick road. Join them on their adventures.

Tickets are still available for selected performances; click here to book.









2 March 2018

We’re celebrating stellar academic results for 2017. Xanthe Copeland credits our Personalised Learning Centre for helping her on her journey to gain top marks in the NZQA Design Scholarship.


Xanthe missed her mock exams catching up on her Design portfolio after being in China competing in the Youth Sailing World Championships.


But despite her heavy workload and sporting commitments, Xanthe gained full marks, 24/24, in the NZQA Design Scholarships, finishing top in the country.


Xanthe’s Design project was close to her heart because it depicted her journey of learning to learn with dyslexia supported by the Personalised Learning Centre at St Cuthbert’s College.


Xanthe, 18, said: “I live with dyslexia and my art boards were all about the background to that, so to be recognised for something that is so important to me is overwhelming.”

Classmate Lydia Harden-Bull also gained high marks in Design Scholarship scoring 22/24.


Lydia, 18, said: “You don’t expect to do so well because you know there are so many talented Design students.”


Both students benefited from staff at the Personalised Learning Centre who embraced their diverse learning needs and encouraged them to progress in their own way.


Xanthe said: “I came to the College in Year 7 and went through The Cottage and benefited from having extra help whenever I needed it.”


Lydia, who has mild dyslexia, said: “My parents saw I was struggling in the early years and sent me to St Cuthbert’s in Year 1. A got a lot of support and extra help which really set me up for Years 7 and 8 and High School. At The Cottage, we supported each other and the teachers celebrated our achievement. The teachers encouraged me and I pushed myself to step and try my best.”


Xanthe is now studying for a Design and Business Degree at Victoria University. Lydia is at AUT doing a Communication Design degree. Both also gained NZQA Scholarships in Painting.


Xanthe plans to continue sailing at top level in a bid for Olympic glory. Meanwhile, she proud that her Design boards have been recognised as a platform to champion and celebrate dyslexia. She said: “I have always thought that I have an obligation to show those who aren’t as fortunate as me to realise they have potential. The teaching at St Cuth’s is incredible; the teachers have a real passion for what they do and for the students.”


Lydia, who directed Shakespeare Soiree and was a key organiser for Stage Challenge, advises diverse learners to choose subjects they are passion about. She chose pottery for her Design project.


Xanthe said: “I did Visual English and had an incredible teacher and did really well. I then realised I could do the thing I was worse at. Once I could turn my weakness into a strengthen, I viewed things in a different way.”


She advises fellow diverse learners: “You should embrace your way of learning. Figure out what works for you and do that.”


2 March 2018

Christine and Catherine Bowie left St Cuthbert’s College in the 1980s and headed off to Paris to become world-renowned musicians.


Now the Bowie sisters have come full circle because their daughters are students at the College.


Christine’s daughter Estelle Lee, 11, a keen trumpet player, has started in Year 7. Catherine’s daughter Ciara Wynn, 10, who is in Year 6, plays oboe and began at St Cuthbert’s in 2015.


Their immensely talented mums flourished as musicians at the school. Christine, who is third chair viola with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra, said: “We were very involved in the orchestras and the choirs, but it wasn’t such a cool thing in those days.” Catherine, who was principal flute with the APO until 2013 and now coaches privately, added: “We’d be practising while the other girls would be walking up and down Queen Street.”


Christine said: “We didn’t care. I think the environment of encouraging creativity here has been good for us. A lot of schools don’t have the facilities or the inclination to encourage creativity.” Music certainly runs in the family: Christine’s husband Martin plays Oboe and Coranglais with the APO.


After leaving St Cuthbert’s, Catherine studied at the Paris Conservatoire and was a founding member of classical contemporary ensemble Court-Circuit. Christine also went to the Paris Conservatoire and played with Court-Circuit to great acclaim. Both women speak fluent French.


Catherine cherishes her time at the College: “There was a fantastic French department and that was very useful when I went to France as an 18-year-old. The music department was strong and, as a girl, I was taking part in all of these competitions and it was a perfect platform to play your programme; it was a really good experience.


“We had a very encouraging audience and it’s still that way. The Performing Arts Centre is a gorgeous facility and it’s in full use.”


Daughter Ciara has immersed herself in the College’s music and singing programmes winning the gold award at The Kids Sing 2017 with the Blackwatch Singers. Catherine said: “All the singing teachers are fantastic and charismatic and great mentors. There is always an audible buzz when they come out of rehearsals.”


Ciara added: “It’s really a positive environment to learn in and everyone is so happy and welcoming and everything is so exuberant.”


20 February 2018

Girls dressed in their House colours and cheered on their fellow students at Senior School Athletics at Mt Smart Stadium. It was a fun day and there were also some outstanding performances.


Here are all the results:


Individual Records


Junior Records

Sonya Ha broke the Junior Long Jump Record with a new distance of 4.93m

Olivia Power broke the Junior High Jump Record with a new distance of 1.6m



Intermediate Records

Charlotte Holland broke the Intermediate 400m Record with a new time of 58.29sec and a new Intermediate Long Jump record with 5.43m.

Isabella Richardson broke the Intermediate 800m Record with a new time of 2:20.33min.  Isabella also broke the Intermediate 1500m Record with a new time of 4.48.91min and with a hat-trick Isabella also broke the 3000m record with a new time of 10.13.09min.


Championship Winners


1st Place – Olivia Power

2nd Equal – Charlie Francis

2nd Equal – Jaime Lewis



1st Place – Charlotte Holland

2nd Place – Isabel Allen

3rd Place – Isabella Richardson



1st Place – Madeline Falconer

2nd Place – Emily Hacket-Pain

3rd Place – Bernadette Doyle


House Places

1st Dunblane 791 points 5th Elgin 701 points
2nd Iona 760 points 6th Melrose 659 points
3rd Kelso 746 points 7th Lindisfarne 552 points
4th York 744 points 8th Durham 541 points




Event Results

  1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
100m Junior Sonya Ha Olivia Power Charlie Francis
100m Intermediate Leilani Fa’aiuaso Charlotte Holland Isabel Allen
100m Senior Breana Catley Grace Parkinson Elena Edgar-Nemec
200m Junior Sonya Ha Olivia Power Charlie Francis
200m Intermediate Charlotte Holland Isabel Allen Leilani Fa’aiuaso
200m Senior Madeline Falconer Briana Catley Grace Parkinson
300m Junior Olivia Power Charlie Francis Jaime Lewis
400m Intermediate Charlotte Holland Isabel Allen Ella Greenwood
400m Senior Madeline Falconer Emily Hacket-Pain Bernadette Doyle
800m Junior Jaime Lewis Madeline Leigh Zara Stewart
800m Intermediate Isabella Richardson Chloe Browne Peyton Leigh
800m Senior Emily Hacket-Pain Claire Rees Elliette O’Brien
1500m Junior Jaime Lewis Zara Stewart Sofia Toes
1500m Intermediate Isabella Richardson Chloe Browne Peyton Leigh
1500m Senior Emily Hacket-Pain Claire Rees Elliette O’Brien
3000m Junior Jaime Lewis Zara Stewart
3000m Intermediate Isabella Richardson Chloe Browne Bella Browne
3000m Senior Emily Hacket-Pain Claire Rees Emma Hamilton
Junior Long Jump Sonya Ha Olivia Power Charlie Francis
Intermediate Long Jump Charlotte Holland Hannah Stewart Olivia Welsh
Senior Long Jump Madeline Falconer Emily Hacket-Pain Elena Edgar-Nemec

Lucy Mortimer

Junior Discus Isabel Chaplin Maia Subritzky Ella Nesdale
Intermediate Discus Isabel Allen Katya De Silva Dior Castle
Senior Discus Bernadette Doyle Caitlin Mary Parker Allen Breana Catley
Junior Shot Put Victoria-Leigh Lam Tiana Brown Kaea Elliott
Intermediate Shot Put Leilani Fa’aiuaso Tara Nuzum Rose Parkinson
Senior Shot Put Bernadette Doyle Madeline Falconer Brianna Catley
Junior High Jump Olivia Power Madeline Leigh

Amelia Thompson

Intermediate High Jump Isabel Allen Georgia Milne Sofia Barron
Senior High Jump Bernadette Doyle Tiana Currie
Junior Triple Jump Charlie Francis
Intermediate Triple Jump Charlotte Holland Georgia Milne Ella Greenwood
Senior Triple Jump Madeline Falconer Elena Edgar-Nemec


12 February 2018

I am delighted to be selected as Head Girl for 2018 and I am still overwhelmed by the level of support from the school and wider community. I would like to acknowledge our incredible management team who lead by example and are great encouragers of student leadership. I am looking forward to leading alongside the Year 13 leadership team, and leaving our mark in 2018.


I am of Samoan and Tokelauan descent and am fortunate enough to be the recipient of a St. Cuthbert’s Endeavour Scholarship. Throughout my years at St. Cuthbert’s, I’ve been surrounded by wonderful role models who have inspired me to think outside the box and to dream bigger.


For me, St. Cuthbert’s has always been an incubator of many dreams. I have a sincere appreciation of all the academic and co-curricular opportunities that school offers. I’ve been involved in various areas of the college, including sport, music, drama and cultural groups. I have learnt the importance of the “By Love Serve” school motto through serving in the community. I believe that the pathway to leadership is through service.


My faith, family and school have been instrumental in developing my character and increasing my leadership capacity. To me, leadership is much more than a title or a position- leadership is an attitude. It is about having vision for yourself and a group of people. I think that good leaders have the ability to encourage and motivate others towards achieving common goals that bring about change for the common good.


My vision for the year ahead is to build greater unity between the senior, middle, and, junior schools. I want our school to be a place where every girl who walks through our gates feels a strong sense of belonging. House spirit is such an important part of being at our school, I would like to encourage a culture of inclusiveness, to ensure that our school community embraces and celebrates diversity. Each girl is unique and plays a special part in the success of the school.


“He aha te mea nui o te ao?

What is the most important thing in the world? 

He tāngata, he tāngata, he tāngata”

The people, the people, the people


– Tiana Willis-Baker