A Young Artists Award Winner

2 October 2013



A painting of a personal journey with Alzheimer’s Disease has led to a major award at the prestigious Eden Arts Young Artists Awards this week.


St Cuthbert’s College student Charlotte Jackson received the Siddell Memorial Award for her painting of a woman with the illness. She submitted both the painting and the pencil drawing that features inside the painting – see these below.


Her award-winning painting is themed around Alzheimer’s, an issue close to Charlotte because the disease runs on both sides of her family. It is part of a series called ‘Personal Histories’, which all features a woman and show what she is thinking at different stages of her illness.

“I wanted to focus not on the disease itself, but on what it does to the mind and how memory loss affects people,” she says.


The painting features a collage of pictures of Charlotte’s family constrasted with new imagery. Objects within the painting are distorted and unrealistic to represent the woman “being in her own little world”.


“The woman is looking down on memories of her life and trying to remember. She’s looking at things that used to be vivid memories and now she doesn’t know when they occurred.”


Charlotte decided to enter the competition because she’d never exhibited her work to the public and wanted to see how it would be received. She is currently studying for NCEA Level 3 and Scholarship and hopes to study fine arts at university next year.


The Siddell Memorial Award honours the late Sir Peter and Lady Sylvia who were Mt Eden artists. Their daughters Emily and Avril Siddell presented the award to Charlotte.




Margaret Mahy Writing Competition Winner

2 October 2013


Being a winner of a Margaret Mahy writing competition has led one St Cuthbert’s College student to a meeting with an astronaut.


Year 13 student Ramali Madagammana was selected as one of 10 nationwide winners of the Margaret Mahy Starlight Poetry and Essay Competition for her poem Pleiades.


She has won a trip to Tekapo Village, where she will meet NASA Astronaut Marsha Ivins, who is presenting prize certificates to the winners. Ramali will also receive a Galileoscope refracting telescope.


Throughout the poem Ramali uses certain kinds of stars as metaphors for aspects of a parent-child relationship. She references the Rigel, a star 40,000 times hotter than the sun to show the parents sharing their knowledge and the Betelgeuse star, a red dwarf, to illustrate the idea of parents being angry and needing to calm down when talking to their children. Pointer stars also feature, which Ramali says represents the parents telling children which direction to go.


The title of the poem, Pleiades, is the Greek name of Matariki – a cluster of 7 very bright stars. Ramali used this to depict parents as being like the light at the end of the tunnel: “Parents are the people that tell you it is going to be okay.”


The Margaret Mahy Starlight Poetry and Essay Competition asked students from all over New Zealand to submit prose or poetry that showed knowledge of the southern stars and either good research or imaginative use of astronomy. It is part of the Aoraki Mackenzie Starlight Festival which is being held on October 11-13 in Tekapo.



Ramali’s winning poem:




you always wanted

me to look



I  can’t see your eyes



you were no babe

of the Coal Sack:

rising like life


from the ash of gas clouds and hot dust;


you liked to pretend

you knew about our

summer Rigel;

it’s so hot,

you insisted,

so hot and it is;

burning forty

thousand suns,

edging nova



and your temper’s

more tempered than

a sub-rigel Betelgeuse

pulsing every red

from chestnut to rust

to alizarin crimson


but you cannot

play Alpha Beta

Proxima Centauri;

to point me the way to

way home.



Yet you know;

you tell me:


in the sunflower

sky field of

seven sisters


darkness abates.


-Ramali Madagammana


Download Our New App

25 September 2013

Our St Cuthbert’s App is now available from the App Store or Google Play Store as a free download in both iOS and Android.
We encourage you to download the new App so you can receive the latest College information on your smartphone or tablet as soon as it is published and to receive reminders and any emergency information quickly and efficiently.


The App Has Tabs For:


•    Calendars that keep you up to date on the next 30 events at the College.
•    Contact Information for Deans and other key staff members
•    A Newsletters Link to College Connection.
•    A Notices link to The Week Ahead and the Weekly Sports Wrap
•    An interactive College Map so you’ll never get lost in the College grounds again!
•    A Cafés link to the Flexischools website for ordering lunches.
•    Links to the College Website and facebook page.


Select What you Receive

In the Settings tab on the front of the App you can choose which area of the College you want to receive notices and information about, whether you have daughters in the Junior, Middle or Senior School and if she is involved in music or sporting activities.



We welcome any feedback and suggestions you may have as we add more functionality to the App. If you have any difficulties or enquiries please contact the ILT team at helpdesk@stcuthberts.school.nz


Water Polo Champions

24 September 2013


The St Cuthbert’s Year 7 and 8 water polo team are the NZ AIMS champions for 2013!


The team had a great competition, winning every game and taking the final 9-5.


They showed great determination when after a long week of competing at AIMS the girls headed straight back to Auckland and into the pool on Friday night, where they competed for the Tim Sonderer Memorial Trophy.


Again they competed well and came away with the silver medal.


In August the team placed first at the Water Polo Winter Tournament where they scored 65 goals and won all their games.

More Success for Y7&8 Hockey!

24 September 2013


The Year 7 and 8 hockey team are the NZ AIMS Games Champions for 2013!


The girls had a great tournament where they only conceded two goals and beat Tauranga’s Otumoetai Intermediate 4-1 in the final to earn their gold medals.


This success follows on from winning both the Central Zone and Inter Zone Championships last month. During these tournaments they won all their games and had no goals scored against them.


Team members are:

Anna Peat, Virginia Miller, Sophie Giltrap, Sophia Howard, Lara Richards, Kendall Vaughan, Lily Mclean, Izzy Gill, Grace Parkinson, Emma Rankin, Emily Mellsop, Eliza Hay, Breana Catley and Abby Jackson.


Well done to all these girls!