At the Heart of It


Christian Values

St Cuthbert’s was founded 100 years ago under the benefaction of the Presbyterian Church. Today the College is non-denominational and the Christian ethic at the heart of our community life is our motto, By Love Serve.


There has always been a great emphasis on service at the College. Cuthbert himself was a person who walked closely with God and spent much of his time in prayer for the needs of others. A St Cuthbert’s girl is encouraged to share, respect the needs of others, accept different viewpoints and negotiate peacefully. She is also inspired to work hard and take time for spiritual reflection.


Our Values Programme

Through our College-wide Values programme, girls learn to translate our motto into practical terms. They are involved in Values projects at each year level, which are co-ordinated by staff and class Values Representatives. Activities include giving practical help and fundraising, with supported organisations ranging from Mobility Dogs to the Make a Wish Foundation.


Our Chapel

The regular pattern of activities in the College Chapel focuses on prayer, worship, and exploring the meaning of faith. Chapel services connect scripture readings to the daily lives and concerns of students, and aim to act as a catalyst for the girls to engage in their own faith-based explorations. Contact Reverend Roxy Gahegan, email:, ph: +64 9 520 8278 for more information.  Find her blog at


Everyday Solace

At the heart of the Chapel is a “prayer tree” candle stand. At lunchtimes, students can come and light a candle for a person or situation they are concerned about. In the entrance there is also a place students can write and leave a prayer. These prayers are regularly placed on the altar and held before God during Chapel services, as part of our dedication to the broader community.