“By Love Serve”, our motto, was implanted in the body of the College in 1915 and still the beliefs and significance of this axiom run strongly through the College veins.

A priority of the College since this time has been to develop students who hold good values, making sure that these students have the resources and knowledge to instil these values in the wider community.

At St Cuthbert’s College we pride ourselves on not only having strong values, but on adding them to the curriculum and helping students develop an ethical consciousness.

Four people who make it happen within the College are Deputy Principal – Ms Justine Mahon, Senior Values Coordinator – Mrs Vicky Binedell and Junior School Values Coordinators – Mrs Sue Porter, who is responsible for the programme in Years 1-6 and Miss Lenore Clark, who is responsible for the programme in Years 7 and 8.

These are extremely important roles and the College truly benefits from the hard work and commitment of these staff members.

Ms Justine Mahon is always searching for ways to enhance the students’ understanding of values ensuring that these values underpin both curriculum and extra curricular activities.  As an Old Girl Ms Mahon has had a link with the College since 1966 and this year celebrated her decade reunion.

During her time as a student of the College, she felt there was a strong emphasis on the idea of service.

“We were told that we were lucky to have been given the chance to come to St Cuthbert’s College, and challenged to return the debt to society”

– Ms Mahon.

Habits of Virtue

Habits of VirtueEach term a Habit of Virtue accompanies our Habit of Mind.

The HOM provides a focus for our thinking and academic learning: our HOV is an invitation to bring into focus an aspect of our spiritual and emotional development, tusing a particular attribute as a kind of lens. In other words, the HOV relates to our learning of the heart.

Over the millennia various people have come up with formalised lists of ‘The Virtues.’ Greek thinkers, for example, came up with lists identifying which Virtues which should characterise the behaviour of good citizens in the society of which they were a part. Our HOV for each term is chosen by me, the Chaplain, and I don’t refer to a discrete list of Virtues, although probably many of the ones we have focused upon would be included in such lists.

All of our HOV here at SCC are encompassed under the umbrella of the Christian virtues detailed by Paul in our College Chapter, guides to us on the path of learning to love God, and to love our neighbour as ourselves. They all serve as ways of considering how might we become ‘By love serve’ people here at the College, and in the other contexts of our lives.

The HOVs and the quotations which accompany them are intended to be considered in creative, and sometimes in critical tension with the HOM for that term. The HOM and HOV discussed together open up a space for growth and enhanced perception of what it is to be a human person trying to be consistent and coherent in all aspects of life.

The possibility is also opened up for exploration in chapel services and assemblies to explore what this might mean to us in practice if we say we are following, or to put it another way if we consider ourselves to be on a journey into the heart of, Christ.