Academic curriculum

Middle School learning overview

  • We understand that no two girls are on the same learning journey and we personalise this learning journey to ensure your daughter gets the enrichment, extension and support she needs when, where and how it is needed for her.
  • Many students are on multi-levelling pathway in one or more subjects. We understand that learning is not necessarily a linear process and we adapt programmes to meet your daughter where she is in her learning journey.
  • Our team of experienced teachers make it our business to understand your daughter as a learner and to engage whatever strategies and technologies work best to meet her needs. You feedback is critical and we know a strong relationship with you makes for a better journey for your daughter.
  • We use the inquiry model and interdisciplinary approach in our girls’ learning. Curriculum integration occurs when students experience and understand connections. This is a critical component of the learning journey. Interdisciplinary learning acknowledges the complexity of real life issues that our students are grappling with. We keep the learning real. The inquiry approach enables girls to have a strong voice in their own learning and we know this is incredibly empowering and a very strong motivating force in their learning journey.
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Year 7 – 8 Curriculum

The curriculum at St. Cuthbert’s is future-focussed with an emphasis on ensuring students have an opportunity to experience a wide range of subjects. The subjects offered are broad in Years 7-10 and become increasingly specialised as students find their passions whether it be in the arts, humanities, languages or sciences. Our curriculum caters for all students with opportunities for the girls to learn skills as they grow and develop.

  • The curriculum at Year 7-10 focusses on ensuring students develop literacy and numeracy skills as well as developing critical and caring thinking, problem solving and ensuring students are resilient and well prepared as they move into the examination years (Years 11-13).
  • Girls learn from specialist teachers in all areas of the curriculum, who impart their expertise and passion for their subject.
  • Alongside academic courses our students also participate in the HUB programme, which is designed to prepare our girls for the rigours of everyday life after their time at school. In Years 7-10, classes have an emphasis on religious education and ethics, study skills, digital citizenship, mindfulness and career and course planning. In Years 11-13, the programme is focused on maintaining healthy minds and bodies, seeing the world through a different lens with ethics and philosophy guest speakers, developing financial literacy, preparing students for leadership roles in the school and providing an overview of a range of tertiary study and career options.  For an in-depth look at the Middle School curriculum please click on the e-book below.