Developing all dimensions

Her Senior School years are a time of developing critical thinking, independence and the ability to collaborate and plan her pathways. The St Cuthbert’s environment will help forge these competencies and navigate towards her next step.

Academic Development

Our learning environment encourages girls to understand the value of knowledge and the context of what they’re learning, and why. In this culture, we see girls highly-engaged and genuinely wanting to learn.  At St Cuthbert’s Senior School you can expect enthusiastic, creative teachers who go the extra mile to help each girl learn in her own way. They have deep knowledge of their subjects, the ability to inspire and the passion and tenacity to work with your daughter at her pace.

Knowledge School
As a Knowledge Rich School, we have a school-wide commitment to teaching specialist subject in-depth and in ways that girls understand, retain and can apply. This Knowledge Rich approach means solid foundations are firmly established so each girl can confidently build on their knowledge, right throughout her school and tertiary learning life.

Physical Development

As her school and life commitments ramp up, physical activity becomes a critical part of her overall health and wellbeing. Whether she’s a competitive athlete or plays for camaraderie and fun, we encourage every girl to keep active. Our incredible facilities and sports programme caters for all abilities with 30 different codes on offer.

The Arts

Educators and recruiters are increasingly looking beyond academic qualifications to establish a picture of the whole person. Apart from developing valuable competencies, experience in the performing arts also helps a girl’s CV stand out.

Senior School girls also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in other cultures, through one of 10 cultural dance groups. These include: Kapa Haka, Cook Island, Chinese, Indian, Korean, Tibetan, Samoan, Thai, Tongan and Mongolian – which perform at our annual Pofiaifa Night and Polyfest.


Our senior girls are the custodians of St Cuthbert’s culture and traditions. As they progress through the school they earn the opportunity to step up into leadership positions, before passing the torch onto those who follow in their footsteps.

Right from Year 9, a number of leadership opportunities open up to our girls. The maturity and experience of our Year 12 and 13 Senior Academy girls is recognised with increased responsibilities, privileges and a uniform that distinguishes them as leaders of the school.

Year 13 is the culmination of all previous leadership experience and every girl has the opportunity to hold one of many leadership positions. Year 13 girls also enjoy a return to Kahunui at the beginning of their final year, where they attend a special leadership camp before they take up the mantle of their new role as student leaders.

Values Programme

Values are at the heart of our school spirit and as part of this, all Senior School girls are involved in altruistic activities. They give their own time and also help fundraise for a wide variety of not for profit organisations. This includes running school holiday workshops for Ronald McDonald House, offering companionship at the Elizabeth Knox Rest Home, tutoring students from Orakei Primary and rolling their sleeves up to help build as part of the Habitat for Humanity project.

Our girls proudly take ownership of their Values projects. Apart from making a positive difference in the lives of others, these initiatives help embed strong ethics and values for life.

Services conducted by our Chaplain in the Old Girls’ Chapel also form part of our Values programme and provide an excellent opportunity for our girls to reflect on their charitable endeavours, give thanks and gain a deeper understanding of what it means to live By Love Serve.