Why St Cuthbert’s?

We understand that choosing the right school for your daughter is one of the  most important decisions you will make as a family.

Ms Justine Mahon — Principal

When you join St Cuthbert’s, you entrust us to help your daughter grow from child to adult. We consider that an absolute privilege. Together with you, we will prepare her for the world, socially, academically, physically and emotionally.

Making Girls Amazing is our commitment to each girl, and to her parents.

Time and time again I see the most amazing outcomes when our school, your daughter and you as her parents, work in partnership. Each girl in my care is a unique individual and I welcome you to call or meet and talk about her.

What matters to me

While our academic results are unrivalled, in choosing a school for your daughter it is important to also explore how we achieve these results while at the same time, growing every dimension of every girl.

My view is that our girls firstly need to be happy and to feel confident in themselves, to achieve their personal best.

My vision for a St Cuthbert’s education is to “enable every girl to succeed and thrive – through developing her individual strengths, expanding her thinking, and building her inner confidence.”

How do St Cuthbert’s girls become resilient, caring, grounded and amazing young women?

Every girl is noticed

In one of my first assemblies I suggested to the girls they imagine two flowers growing side by side – each will bloom beautifully when it is ready.   Each girl in my care is supported to bloom at her own pace. We give her every opportunity to achieve her potential. Above all we recognise that each girl is different and our job is to find her unique strengths and help these bloom.  We notice your girl and what’s going on in her life, and we find out what makes her amazing.

We put girls at the centre

At St Cuthbert’s we understand how to teach girls to be successful. Being an independent school gives us the freedom to go beyond the curriculum and teach in the ways we know work best for girls. I believe we must challenge the status quo of education. Through gathering evidence, collaborating with other educators and constant innovation, the way our girls engage, inquire and learn is always evolving.

Knowledge matters

In an age where teaching styles and the intensity of assessments can be at the expense of true knowledge, I am committed to developing a deeper level of subject learning. St Cuthbert’s is a Knowledge Rich School. This approach develops knowledge foundations more deeply and ensures your daughter has a firm grasp of fundamental concepts.

She learns from teachers who are experts in their field.  Just as importantly, these people have the scholarship, time and tenacity to persevere until she fully grasps each concept.

Tradition is valued

Our school motto is over a century old, and the rich values behind ‘By Love Serve’ are at the heart of our school. They underpin all that we do at St Cuthbert’s, and beyond.  I’m proud of the way our girls look for ways to embrace our values such as respect, leadership through service to others, and caring for one another.

The 21st Century girl

While she lives in an increasingly complex world, it is impossible to prepare her for what doesn’t’ yet exist.  Instead, we equip her to be a critical and enterprising thinker, to have the self-belief and strategies to solve whatever comes her way.

She will leave St Cuthbert’s with an understanding of her Global Citizenship and have the agility, tools and values to navigate whatever lies ahead.   We offer an innovative and forward thinking education, and are committed to preparing girls for an unknown but exhilarating future.

The St Cuthbert’s experience is underpinned by these pillars, but it embraces so much more.

Our month-long Kahunui Programme is acknowledged as a life-defining rite of passage. Our Personalised Learning approach helps each girl understand and be proud of how she best learns, and gives her access to the extension or support she needs to reach her full potential.  Every girl who enters our gates is given the encouragement, support and opportunity to unlock what makes her amazing.

I know that entrusting your daughter’s education to my team and me is a considerable commitment.   Are we the right fit for your daughter and your family? I invite you to come and experience St Cuthbert’s for yourself, and find out.

Warm regards

Justine Mahon, Principal, St Cuthbert’s College