Parents & Friends’ Association


As a new parent at St Cuthbert’s, you can count on the Parents & Friends’ Association to welcome you to the College community in the warmest way possible.


All current members of the College belong to the Parents & Friends’ Association, which has two primary objectives:


  • Make families feel welcome and comfortable at the College by promoting and nurturing friendship and fellowship within the wider St Cuthbert’s community. A variety of social events are organised to enable the Principal, Trust Board, staff and parents to meet in a friendly and informal way.


  • Harness the goodwill of parents to provide financial and practical support to the College. We contribute all profits back to the College for projects that directly benefit our daughters.


Monthly meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month during the College term and if you are interested in joining this is a great way to become involved in the College community. Please download the form on the left.

The Parents & Friends’ Association also organises Class Co-ordinators for the Junior and Middle Schools. These wonderful parents rally support for College events, as well as

organising casual get-togethers for the mums and dads in individual classes to meet and socialise.


Parents and Friends’ Association: Asian Friendship Group
The Asian Friendship Group (AFG) is a special branch of the Parents & Friends’ Association that allows parents to meet and discuss any queries they have regarding day-to-day College life for their daughter.

This support network is a great resource for parents new to the College – it helps to guide parents and daughters as they settle into life at St Cuthbert’s, provides an opportunity to make new friends and connects parents with similar experiences.

The AFG also supports the College through various fundraising initiatives that are deeply appreciated by staff and students. The recent opening of the AFG Fitness Centre in the Centennial Centre for Wellbeing is an example of the contribution the group makes to College facilities which enhance the student experience.

A variety of languages are spoken within the group including Cantonese, Japanese, Mandarin and Korean. For more information about the AFG please download the brochure to the right – a warm and friendly group of parents is waiting to welcome you.