NCEA Level 2


Course Outline

This course aims to develop a knowledge of the ecology of plants and animals, the cellular components, cellular processes, the inner functioning of plants and animals, and in essence how, when and why these organisms relate to others in their world. Students study gene expression at this level including mutations, dihybrid inheritance, non mendelian genetics (epistasis and linkage) and evolution.

Practical work is an important component of the course, developing a range of skills relating to identification, experimentation and the safe handling and understanding of organisms, cells and equipment. The course requirement includes a field trip to the rocky shore to study the pattern of the plant and animal population.



NCEA Level Internal Achievement Standards External Achievement Standards Total Credits for Level
Level 2 3 3 22

Recommended Prior Achievement Level

Biology Achievement Standard 90948 “Demonstrate understanding of biological ideas relating to genetic variation” at Achieved level is required



$25.00 for Biology workbook