Business Studies


Business Studies is about how individuals and groups of people organise, plan and act to create goods and services to satisfy customers. Business is influenced by, and impacts on, the cultural, ethical, environmental, political and economic conditions of the day. Central to the study of business are the issues around globalisation, enterprise, citizenship and sustainability.

Studying business enables students to develop an appreciation of the issues that challenge businesses and stakeholders, and creates the opportunity to understand the place of business as an integral part of society and the economy.

Experience-based learning is at the heart of business and students will develop financial capability as well as skills such as problem-solving, co-operation, decision-making, negotiation and communication.

Ethics and values underlie the decisions students make and the actions they take. The syllabus places a large emphasis on the combining of ideas and skills being taught with the values of fair dealing, honesty, integrity and consideration for others.


The focus in Year 9 is at an individual level and topics studied include:

  • Economic concepts such as choice, scarcity, exchange and values
  • Personal accounting such as income, saving, spending, record keeping and budgeting
  • Consumer law such as rights and obligations
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Consumer Guarantees Act and Fair Trading Act
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Creative thinking



  • Common tests
  • Common assignments
  • Two examinations


Recommended Prior Achievement Levels




Term booklets, approximately $15.00