NCEA Level 2


This course develops knowledge of the properties and reactions of chemical substances, and an understanding of the theories that we use to explain the behaviour of the materials that make up our world.

Practical work is an important and integral component of the course and includes a Level 3, three week extended investigation with a half day practical workshop. Topics covered include: redox reactions, quantitative analysis, atomic structure and bonding, energy changes and equilibrium, acid-base reactions and organic chemistry. The course provides a body of knowledge suitable for students who intend taking Chemistry at Year 13 as well as those who will not continue chemistry studies.



NCEA Level Internal Achievement Standards External Achievement Standards Total Credits for Level
Level 2 2 3 20
Level 3 1 4


Recommended Prior Achievement Level

Merit or better in at least 8 credits of Level 1 Chemistry Achievement Standards from the Year 11 standard science and/or double science course ie 11SCPN and 11SCBN



Laboratory manual and course notes $25.00