NCEA Level 1


Course Outline

This is a practical subject where students will explore, select, use and understand the elements of dance in multiple dance styles and genres through both performance and composition. Students will demonstrate the dance styles of ballet, contemporary, jazz and hip hop in performance and work in pairs to compose dance sequences in the style of their choice. Students will also perform in a major ensemble dance piece.



NCEA Level Internal Achievement Standards External Achievement Standards Total Credits for Level
Level 1 4 1 24


Recommended Prior Achievement Level

This course is open to all students.



Students are expected to wear suitable dance attire and footwear at all times is class.

Correct clothing will include leggings, a fitted singlet and tracksuit pants.

Correct footwear will include jazz shoes and ballet flats at a cost of approximately $60.

Attending live dance performances is an integral part of this course at a cost of around $70.


Literacy and Numeracy

Some of these standards contribute towards literacy.