Digital Learning


Unlike any generation before them, our girls have emerged into a world in which technology underpins almost every facet of society. If they are to succeed in their chosen careers, a thorough understanding of the application of information and learning technology is imperative.


St Cuthbert’s students can choose to expand their knowledge of the digital world through NCEA subjects that include Digital Media Technology, Technology and Design. In these classes girls acquire skills and develop an understanding of key technology processes and concepts through exploring areas such as web design and development, Android application development, augmented reality projects and ePub authoring.  As part of these projects girls will utilise industry standard software such as Adobe Photoshop and InDesign and apply computer science principles and programming skills in languages such as HTML5.


In the classroom using technology as a learning tool is well established. Each girl uses her own digital device to access assignments, submit completed work and ask questions related to her learning via the College intranet. This everyday use of devices encourages digital literacy across a range of programmes for all our students.


As part of our commitment to keeping our students safe online, all girls take part in our Digital Citizenship programme. This is delivered as a series of special classes and helps girls be aware of and take precautions against potential dangers online, particularly when using social media.