NCEA Level 2


The Year 12 Physics course aims to develop an understanding of the physical world around us. The realm of Physics comprises everything from fundamental particles (quarks and leptons) to galaxies and the universe

Year 12 Physics follows on from the Double Science Achievement Standards studied in Year 11.

The course covers a wide range of topics including:

  • Light and waves: the nature of light and how it behaves
  • Dynamics: the study of motion and what causes it
  • Electricity: electric fields, circuits and electromagnetism
  • Nuclear physics, radioactivity and applications of nuclear physics.
  • Practical physics

The course provides and in-depth treatment of the knowledge and understanding required for students preparing for Year 13



NCEA Level Internal Achievement Standards External Achievement Standards Total Credits for Level
Level 2 2 3 22


Recommended Prior Achievement Level

A Merit grade or better in the four  Physics Achievement Standards in Double Science or Excellence in Science 1.1. Exceptions at the discretion of the Head of Department. Competency in level 1 Mathematics is required.


$25.00 for workbook