Qualifications and Results


With the end goal in mind – acceptance to your daughter’s preferred tertiary course of study or the right job – we help to advise students and their parents on the external examination system that suits them.


In offering both NCEA and International Baccalaureate (IB), we provide the opportunity to choose the pathway that works best for each individual. NCEA will suit some students, and IB will suit others.


NCEA is highly regarded in New Zealand and overseas. Students in Year 11 sit NCEA Level 1, deciding prior to Year 12 whether they wish to continue on the NCEA pathway, sitting Levels 2 and 3, or whether they wish to embark upon IB’s two year diploma course.


Like NCEA, the IB Diploma qualification is recognised in both New Zealand and overseas to gain entry to university. Diploma students take six subjects over two years, with three subjects studied in depth at Higher Level, and three at Standard Level.


All students are eligible to sit NZQA Scholarship examinations, which identify and acknowledge the country’s top scholars. For more information about NCEA and IB please download the brochures to the right.


St Cuthbert’s has a reputation for top academic success across NCEA, IB and the NZQA Scholarship programme. We consistently achieve some of the best pass rates in the country, as well as an exceptional number Excellence grades in NCEA and 40+ pass rates in IB. Our girls are recognised in Scholarship examinations every year.


To view our most recent external examination results for 2016, please click here.