Social Studies


Social Studies is about how societies work and how people can participate as critical, active, informed and responsible citizens. Topics are drawn from New Zealand and around the world, from the past, present and future and include Women’s rights and fashion over time, Power and Government, Protest and Conflict, Place and Sustainability, Human Rights and the New Zealand Identity.

Through the exploration of these topics Social Studies helps students develop knowledge, ideas and skills that will enable them to better understand, participate in, and contribute to communities as well as allowing students to critically engage with societal issues. Students will also explore the bicultural nature of New Zealand society that derives from the Treaty of Waitangi, learn about the economic world and develop understandings about different values, perspectives and viewpoints.

Social Studies also contributes to students understanding of:

  • Identity, culture and organisation
  • The relationships that exist between people and the environment
  • The past and present and to imagine possible futures
  • Their role in the economy and how economic decisions affect individuals and communities
  • The social inquiry approach to learning


Field trips and guest speakers’ visits to the College are an important part of the Social Studies programme and students will take part when appropriate.



  • A range of different class based activities including both individual and group tasks
  • Internal examinations


Recommended Prior Achievement Level