Health Centre

The Health Centre is situated in the Student Support Centre which is located by Elgin Boarding House.  The offices of the School Counsellors are also in this Building.

The Health Centre is run by two Registered Nurses, Mrs Fiona Tawse and Mrs Charlotte Diggle (ph: 520 8288).
The Centre is open from 8am until 4pm weekdays.

There are 6 beds in the sick bay available to girls who are unwell during those hours.

After 4pm the House Managers take over the care of these girls. Daygirls who become unwell during the school day are usually sent home.

College Doctors

Dr Bruce Solomon and Dr Louise Aldridge have a surgery nearby (235 Manakau Rd, Epsom) for boarding students needing to be seen by a doctor.

Dr Solomon has a clinic at school every Tuesday morning from 8am during the school term.

For students who would prefer to see a female doctor an appointment will be made at the doctor’s surgery with Dr Louise Aldridge.

If a student is unwell after hours and needs to see a Doctor she will be escorted to Ascot Accident and Medical Clinic situated at 90 Greenlane Rd East, Remuera.

This clinic has a radiology service for x-rays and an after hours chemist.

Medical Information

The College requires up to date medical information on all students to allow the nurse to treat each student properly.

It is important for the nurse and appropriate staff to be aware of any serious medical conditions and severe allergies. All medical information is confidential. We respect each students privacy at all times.

Medical Certificates

A Medical Certificate is required when any student is away due to illness especially if an internal assessment or exam is missed when the student is away.

The College Nurse is also available to organize other appointments for our boarding students such as dentist, orthodontist or specialist.  She is also there to help students to cope and learn about their particular medical condition or allergy and to educate and support staff where required about any special care for specific students.