29 November 2013

I always admire the capacity of our staff to place themselves at risk to encourage our girls in their learning; never is this more evident than in the Y9 spelling bee, where the staff nobly dress up in yellow and black stripes – and the dreaded onesie – to provide the right atmosphere. Yesterday I watched representatives  from every Y9 English class  compete in the annual spelling bee.

For the first three rounds all 21 competitors got the spelling of every word correct. And the Y9 audience clapped for every correct answer! As the words became harder and harder, the number of competitors slowly diminished  until there were only two girls left. Aida Chen and Christina Yu went round after round, both spelling complex words many adults would struggle to write down, let alone spell aloud in front of a big audience.  In the end, Aida emerged as the winner.

There were two fantastic things about this event : 1. The girls’ spelling was great.  2. The Y9 girls were so positive and so involved with the event and with supporting all of the competitors.
Spelling Bee