Support an Old Girl!

29 October 2013


St Cuthbert’s Old Girl Faith Lamont is fundraising for scientific research. Faith is currently a neuroscientists at the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health and is working on a project involving touchscreen computers, memory games, strawberry milkshake and mice.


In a nutshell, Faith is testing different forms of learning and memory in mice which have a genetic mutation similar to that seen in human patients with schizophrenia and autism. By using touchscreen computer analysis she is able to assess forms of memory that were previously difficult to test for in rodents. With the information she gains from her experiments she hopes to start exploring ways to improve memory function. She says if we can start solving the mysteries around learning and memory we have the potential to help not only those with schizophrenia, but a raft of other disorders.


Faith has already dedicated a year of her life conducting this research on a full-time unpaid basis. Unfortunately she has now run out of savings and can’t continue this amazing research without further funding. To raise the money required she launched a Pozible crowd funding campaign and is currently looking for donations. This is an excellent and exciting opportunity for you to support a St Cuthbert’s College Old Girl, as well as contribute to science itself.


If you would like more information you can ‘like’ the facebook page, follow Faith on twitter @Faith_in_Nsci or visit