How You Can Give


Annual Giving

Each year we ask the College community to reflect on what St Cuthbert’s means to them and translate this goodwill into a donation to the College. The funds raised through Annual Giving go towards projects that directly benefit current students, enriching their time at the College and ensuring St Cuthbert’s maintains its position as an academic leader.

For information about Annual Giving please click here. We appreciate all contributions large and small.


Pledges and One-Off Donations

You may want to contribute to a specific building project, scholarship or curriculum area. The Development Office will assist you in ensuring that your gift benefits an area of the College you are passionate about through placement in a suitable Robertson Circle fund. For more details about the Robertson Circle please click here.


Business Sponsorship

St Cuthbert’s College profiles our business sponsors in publications that reach our 7,000 strong community of Old Girls, parents and supporters. We welcome many forms of business sponsorship whether it takes the form of monetary support or products and services.


Bequest Programme

Led by a highly regarded group of Bequest Patrons the College seeks financial security through endowments to the Black Watch Society Bequest Programme.


“The love that we all develop for the College, whether as students, parents or Old Girls is intergenerational and enduring and we reach a point in our lives where not only do we recognise that these things matter but that we want to do something about them” – Fiona Elvin, Bequest Patron


Sarah Powrie

Community Development Manager

Phone: +64 9 520 4159 ext. 7607

Postal Address: PO Box 26 020, Epsom, Auckland 1344, New Zealand