The Centennial Centre for Wellbeing


A Strong Mind in a Healthy Body

Our mission is to build a Centennial Centre which will be the heart of our commitment to the health and wellbeing of our girls and to deliver a world class education using purpose built facilities, to equip our girls for the world of the future. The Centre will be the site of a magnificent pool and fitness complex and will house the student support and counselling services.

We undertake to give every girl in the College the support to reach her potential. The Centre will offer extensive programmes in health, nutrition, fitness, drug, alcohol and sex education. Every girl will be given the opportunity to experience a wide range of sports. The Centre will give us the capacity to nurture the beginner and meet the rigorous demands of the elite.

Our ongoing commitment to our girls, is to send them out into the world with the adaptability, resilience and strength to thrive with a future beyond our imagination

The new Centre will consist of five main areas which will concentrate on specific areas and together cater to every student having a strong mind in a healthy body.

The Beattie Centre

This purpose built centre for student support is where deans, counsellors and advisors (to both students and families) will undertake extensive education programmes. The Beattie Centre focuses on the girls having a strong mind within a healthy body in order to create balanced, capable students. To ensure this, we offer programmes that deliver confidence in the confusing and challenging adolescent years, as well as provide opportunities to discuss any issues or concerns girls might have, including those that extend to family and home life and providing appropriate emotional support. This means also encouraging participation and our girls to be proud of their efforts, to effectively manage their College commitments and academic work, adapt to their changing environment as they get older, make responsible life choices and more, so that we equip them for a future filled with possibilities.

The Old Girls’ Health Education Centre

This facility is where the health programme will be delivered, where girls can learn about drug, alcohol and sex education and healthy levels of exercise and eating, as well as maintaining healthy levels of self esteem and developing the ability to self regulate.

The Sports Office

This will be the home base for the Director of Sport and his team as they manage the 30 codes of sports offered at the College, making for easy access to the Fitness Centre, Margaret Beale Aquatic Centre, Harvey Alison Courts, Hockey Turf and the John Wigglesworth Sports Centre.

The Margaret Beale Aquatic Centre

In NZ it is vital that every girl reaches adulthood competent in water safety. At St Cuthbert’s we concentrate on providing such valuable skills and the Centre includes both a ‘learn to swim’ pool and an eight lane, 25m long pool with moveable floor capability. The learners’pool will be 5m wide by 15m long. The depth will slope from 750mm on the left side to 1100mm deep on the right, enabling a student to swim a full 15m (an achievement standard) at the same depth. The larger pool’s floor will be able to change from 2m deep to 0m and will be 20m wide by 25m long with each of the eight lanes 2.5m wide. The moveable floor capabilities mean we will be able to cater to such sports as water polo, one of the College’s fastest growing sports and a sport our girls perform exceptionally in. We look forward to hosting water polo and other swim competitions in the centre as well.

The Fitness Centre

In this area the girls will be able to look down onto the aquatic area of the Centre through a wall of glass while they exercise. The 11m wide x 21m long gym will have aerobic equipment such as walkers and cycles, weights machines and floor exercise equipment including Swiss balls and mats, as well as other gym apparatus and space for yoga, pilates and the like. Here they will be able to concentrate on building a healthy body for themselves and their many sporting activities and will be able to incorporate and establish fitness as a healthy part of their lives.