Valuing Our Volunteers

18 November 2014

Graduating from the Junior School is a very significant time for Year 6 and the decision to re focus the Medieval Banquet as a graduation event was a fantastic success.  As one parent emailed me “That was a very impressive show the girls put on. It’s incredible how ALL the girls get involved and are ALL so confident. In addition they were so supportive of each other.”


I was really struck by the girls’ poise and self management as well as  their ability to maintain focus and attentiveness over a long period; it was very satisfying to see their palpable enjoyment and pleasure in the success of the evening.


What was also impressive was the great team of volunteers who helped to put the event together – a number of parents  worked on the project for many weeks and got great support from the other parents in the classes, while the Year 13 Junior School Committee were out in force to help, despite looming examinations. That the evening was such a happy, calm and fun experience was due to the combination of great Year 6 teachers and a great group of parents.


Volunteers are critical in the life of the College – doing Chapel morning teas, organizing dinners, helping on school trips, providing security, being class co-ordinators  amongst many tasks – and in the next few days we have a chance to thank them for the significant work they do with the Trust Board Volunteers’ Morning Tea. I hope as many of you as possible will be able to attend.


A very significant group of volunteers will be having a Centenary celebration this Tuesday when we host the Parents and Friends’  event. We have around 100 P&F members  past and present coming to the College, so that we can recognise the long-term, sustained contribution these volunteers have given in both friend raising and fund raising.



Year 6 students with a model medieval table, set with traditional fare.